5 Key Furnishings Pieces For A Studio Apartment

One of the best ways to furnish a studio apartment is minimalistically, and this is because studios can quickly look overburdened which can influence their atmosphere negatively. When visiting a furniture store in Pleasant Hill, it is important to look for items that have dual functions, as these can truly help a person who is living in a studio apartment maximize on space. Generally, a studio is going to be one large room that has a closed bathroom and a kitchenette, and so finding creative ways to decorate one room in versatile ways can be a challenge, but an achievable one nonetheless. The following are the top 5 key furniture pieces for a studio apartment.

A Sofa-Bed

Perhaps one of the most important items a person living in a studio can buy themselves is a sofa bed. This is because sofa-beds are going to help them utilize their living space while giving them the privacy of hiding their bedroom from sight. When guests are over, or simply during the day, an individual can flip up their bed and showcase their couch, which can create a pleasant living room look. As soon as night falls and a bed is in order, however, they can reverse this option and display their bed for sleeping purposes.

A Retractable Kitchen Table

Another valuable studio-furniture item is a retractable kitchen table. While these aren’t commonly found in every single furniture store in Pleasant Hill, they can easily be found with a quick internet search. A retractable kitchen table is such a needed item because it can be taken down when unneeded, and then retracted when eating a meal is in order. In order to properly assemble this table, one must own/borrow the appropriate set of tools and bolt the table’s side to the wall. These tables typically come with 3 chairs that can also be taken apart and additional reading put into storage. This item is perfect for a student as well, as it can easily double as a desk.

A Comfy Arm Chair

Having more than a few seating options in a studio apartment is going to be important, as sitting in the same places every single day can become boring. Owning a comfy armchair and placing it near the check window/balcony can create a pleasant reading or lounging area.

A Bedside Table

Everyone needs a bedside table, and so this furniture item speaks for itself. Placing it near the sofa-bed and placing a small lamp on it can create a desired look.

A Standing Lamp

Last but not least is the standing lamp. Having one of these lamps find more info is crucial, as they can help set a different tone to a room. Most studio apartments come with one light fixture, and more often than not these fixtures are going to be of the fluorescent kind, which casts an unappealing light.

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